matsalu nature film festival
matsalu loodusfilmide festival

MAFF 2006 Awards


  • Festival jury:
  • Jeffery Boswall (Chairman)
    Kaspars Brakis
    Mati Kaal
    Enn Säde
    Urmas Tartes




  • The Queen of the Trees
    Directors Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone (UK/Kenya/Japan/USA/Germany)

  • This utterly professional work sets the highest standards in storytelling, science popularisation and intimate photography.




Category “Woods and Animals”

  • Wolverines – Hyenas of the North
    Director Oliver Goetzl (Germany)
    An excellent story about the vital role of the wolverine in the Nordic environment, giving coverage of the whole life-cycle of this lithe northern carnivore.

Category “Man and Nature”

  • Birdpeople
    Directors Eduard Erne and Christoph Potting (Germany) 

  • An excellent presentation of the range of possibilities of mutual relations between humans and animals.



Category “Woods and Animals”

  • Circumpolar Bears
    Directors Sandra Tober and Kari Kemppainen (Finland/Canada)

  • A wonderfully educational programme, wide-ranging but beautifully structured as an unfolding story, and with a commentary couched in felicitous English.

Category “Man and Nature”

  • Man and Bear
    Director Stefan Quinth (Sweden)

  • A balanced, perceptive, penetrating – even sensible! – analysis of the man-beer relationship, illustrated by fine pictorials and good commentary.




Category “Woods and Animals”

  • The Marmots of Kazakhstan
    Director Tobias Mennle (Germany) 

  • The finest quality camerawork, extending sometimes to the limit of human capabilities! A charming animal, well-presented.

Category “Man and Nature”

  • The Enigma of the Black Caiman
    Director Luc Riolon (France) 

  • Jolly good camerawork giving unusual insights into the secrets of unknown creatures of the swamp.

Special Prize of the Jury


Category "Woods and Animals"

  • The Wonderful World of Fungi
    Director Karlheinz Baumann (Germany)
  • Wide coverage of a world of hidden living organisms, now known to be more like animals than plants, and surrounding our lives everywhere. 

Category "Man and Nature"


  • In the Footsteps of Middendorff
    Directors Riho Västrik and Liina Triškina (Estonia)

  • Revealing exposition of man and nature in a very northern environment, then (in Middendorff's time) and now (in our time).

Highly Commended Diplomas



  • Frozen Oasis
    Director Marcell Zsolt Toth (Hungary) 
    Well-argued exposition – utterly professional programme. 

    Wild Harbours
    Directors Sue Daly and John Jacques (Jersey/Channel Islands) 
    Charming presentation. 

    Chernobyl Jungle
    Director Igor Byshnev (Belarus) 
    Topical treatment, reaching beyond the grasp of the senses. 

    Director David Attila Molnar (Hungary) 
    Sets the highest standards of documentary. 

    Oh, My Deer
    Director Gerd Weiss (Germany) 
    Pleasingly elaborate treatment. 

    Social Spots
    Director Natasha Golova (Belarus) 
    Excellence in environmental persuasion. 

    Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea
    Directors Chris Metzler and Jeff Springer (USA) 
    Desperately American! 

    Grey Seals – Life on Edge
    Director Jaqcuie Cozens (UK/Ireland) 
    Excellence in documentary.

    The Green Land
    Directors Bo Landin and Jan Henriksson (Sweden) 
    Excellence in photography.


Special Prizes



Estonian Ministry of the Environment

  • Predator’s Paradise
    Director Kari Kemppainen (Finland) 

Matsalu National Park

  • The Summer Documentary
    Director Joosep Matjus (Estonia)

Lääne County

  • Our Friend Roe-Deer 
    Director Rein Hanson (Estonia)

Tallinn Zoo

  • John Wamsley, Quest for the Lost Paradise
    Director Natasha Calestreme (France)

Environmental Department of Läänemaa

  • Grey Seals – Life on Edge
    Director Jacquie Cozens (UK/Ireland)

National Centre for Nature Conservation

  • The Falun-Röros Expedition
    Director Stefan Quinth (Sweden)

Lihula Parish

  • Our Friend Roe-Deer
    Director Rein Hanson (Estonia)

Photo: The Queen of the Trees