matsalu nature film festival
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MAFF 2007 Awards


  • Festival jury:
  • Urmas Tartes (Chairman)
    Ingo Potrykus
    Michael Schlamberger
    Yossi Weissler
    Riho Västrik




  • Nature’s Dance
    Directors Bo Landin and Jan Henriksson (USA)

  • An excellent story about the beauty and grace of the nordic nature. Film covers the mating season of different animals with highest quality footage.



Category “Nature”

  • Wall of Death
    Director Moshe Alpert (Israel) 

  • This is an astonishing narrative of life and death in one of the most beautiful and brutal environments in the world. The combination of storytelling and photography touches your deepest emotions.

Category “Man and Nature”

  • Flying Fox – Wings of the Night
    Director Annette Scheurich (Germany/Australia) 

  • Natural history told us a detective story. Flying foxes seen through the eyes of a modern aboriginal Australian, evokes awareness of nature in urban environments. 



Category “Nature”

  • In the Beginning was the Mud
    Director Luc Riolon (France)

  • Although mud is not a very attractive subject to most of us, the director tells an intriguing story, combining scientific facts and revelations with the personal commitment and passion of the scientist featured in this film.

Category “Man and Nature”

  • The Wild and the West
    Directors Manfred Christ and Harald Pokieser (Austria)

  • A well-directed story covers everything in style and with delicate humour. The wild west we think we know is shown as it really was.




Category “Nature”

  • Megafalls of the Iguacu
    Photography by Christian Baumeister (Germany) 

  • Only mega-filming can bring us to the largest power of water deep in the heart of Latin America. The incredible filming of this film made it.

Category “Man and Nature”

  • The Horseman
    Photography by Peter Gerdehag (Sweden) 

  • The cameraman created a convincing style and mood for this film. Without getting voyeuristic he carefully reveals the character to the audience. 

Special Prize of the Jury


  • Rebirth

    Director Joosep Matjus (Estonia)
    A wonderful Estonian "Haiku". Author presents nothing more than a few minutes at a little Estonian stream in early Spring in excellent combination with natural sound of the water and a few local birds, to create a dense, emotional, authentic image of the change in nature from Winter to Spring. 

    The Pander’s Ground Jay of the Ile
    Director Altay Zhatkanbayev (Kazakhstan)
    The film is commended in recognition of the technical problems involved in filming this very rare bird in a remote and climatically hostile region of Kazakhstan. 

    The Gatecrashers
    Directors Tina-Marie Qwiberg and Hans Berggren (Sweden)
    An excellent filming and skilful set-up reveal us the hidden winners of the modern world - animals who found living space in man-made habitats.


Highly Commended Diplomas



  • Maculinea - the fascinating World of the large blue Butterflies
    Director Thomas Falkner (Germany) 
    This is a film on the complex interactions in an ecosystem, necessary for survival of an endangered, small, blue butterfly. The film team has been able to visualize these complex interactions of causes and consequences to make this complex story accessible and understandable. 

    Giant Wings: The Black Vulture
    Director Ece Soydam (Turkey) 
    An intimate portrait. Like the birds, the film-makers had to deal with a harsh environment. 

    Journey of the Giants
    Director Armin Mueck (Sweden) 
    Film, which provides us a close up of the life of endangered tooth-whale - the sperm whale. In order to open the secrets of the giant animal the filmmakers have not been afraid to pass thousands of sea miles with whales. 

    Wild Mongolia
    Director Heinz Leger (Austria) 
    Views of Mongolia, the land of burning sun and biting frost, the land where life and death are tied together is capturing our imagination again and again. 

    Chanting and Enchating Animals
    Director Alfredo Salazar (Ecuador) 
    Alfredo’s lens brings us close to the creatures of Earth and water - the amphibians of the rainforest of Equador. 

    The Finest Rivers of Finland 2. Oulanka River
    Director Petteri Saario (Finland) 
    For the story with a strong personal approach. One can clearly recognize the Nordic rhythm of life and tone in the cinematographic language of the film. Instead of camera one could easily imagine a paintbrush of an artist or music-paper of the composer. 

    Europe's Last Spotted Eagles
    Director Petri Merta (Finland) 
    This film has specific relation to Estonia: much of the filming has been done here and Estonia is the area, where the greatest danger for the extinction of the endangered Lesser Spotted Eagle is studied. The film presents beautiful footage of the bird. 

    Laurie Marker - in Love With Cheetahs
    Director Natasha Calestreme (France) 
    We have been in love with cheetahs already. Now we fell in love with Laurie Marker. 

    Magic Night
    Director Jouni Hiltunen (Finland) 
    Unusual approach to the nature - the introduction of the soundscape as a matter of fact. The music of nature is introduced to the audience through the ears of a blind man. Most of us, who are able to see, do not notice that dimension. The strength of that film lies in simplicity. 

    Snakes in Paradise
    Director Claudia Pelz (Germany/Italy) 
    Helps to understand one dark side of the globalization - the geographical re-location of the species. The invaders break the equilibrium of the ecosystem, restoring of which is much more complicated than destroying. The film helps us to understand the necessity of fight against foreign species. 

    Budapest Wild
    Director Zsolt Marcell Toth (Hungary) 
    An excellent presentation of the urban lifestyles of unseen urban inhabitants. 

    The Tiger and the Monk
    Director Harald Pokieser (Austria) 
    Striking presentation of mutual relationship between a human and a large carnivore - a tiger. 

    The Stork and Us
    Directors Yasuhiro Ono and Emi Kubosawa (Japan) 
    Film from Japan is on the reintroduction of an extinct species - the Oriental White Stork. It visualizes the numerous obstacles and failures in a decade-lasting effort, and the amount of patience and support required to finally succeed. 

    The Weather Prophets
    Director Christoph Felder (Germany) 
    Film that makes a bow to the peasant's cleverness and teaches the audience to read the book of the Nature and to understand it. An excellent portrait of peaceful everyday life of the Swiss mountain village, which does not let to harm itself from the ever rushing environment. 

    O2H - From Oil to Hydrogen
    Directors Enrico Marchese and Raffaello Pavesi (Italy) 
    Cares about the future of mankind and introduces possible solutions to cope with an upcoming energetic catastrophe. 

    Sand Dancer
    Director Valerie Reid (New-Zealand) 
    A man uses sand as a temporary canvas to tell the message with his art. This makes the audience to think about how to find a balance between humans and nature today and tomorrow.


Special Prizes



Estonian Ministry of the Environment

  • The Weather Prophets
    Director Christoph Felder (Germany)
  • Rebirth
    Director Joosep Matjus (Estonia)

Matsalu National Park

  • Europe's Last Spotted Eagles
    Director Petri Merta (Finland) 

Environmental Department of Läänemaa

  • Estonian Eagles
    Director Rein Maran (Estonia) 


  • In the Beginning was Mud
    Director Luc Riolon (France)

Photo: Wall of Death