matsalu nature film festival
matsalu loodusfilmide festival

MAFF 2016 Awards


  • Festival jury:
  • Derek Kilkenny-Blake (Chairman)
  • Billy-Jean Parker
  • Lennart Lennuk
  • Mati Kaal
  • Tõnu Talpsep
  • Viola Salu




  • Soul of the Elephant

    Directors Beverly Joubert, Dereck Joubert, Austria

    An artistically beautiful film about one of the world’s largest animals with a strong but subtle conservation message. It cleverly weaves historical with current filming for a personal expedition into the soul of the elephant.




Category “Nature”

  • Ostrich – A Life on the Run

    Directors Mike Birkhead, Martyn Colbeck, Austria

    An unexpected gem of a film about an often overlooked animal. Perfectly combined creative elements with an African flavour.

Category “Man and Nature”

  • Revolution

    Director Rob Stewart, Canada

    Highly personal approach about a species that is vital for the entire ecosystem of our planet.




Category “Nature”

  • Giraffe – Up High and Personal

    Director Herbert Ostwald, Austria

    Clever use of edit and camera angles in a quirky and informative film about the giraffe.


Category “Man and Nature”

  • Daughter of the Lake

    Director Ernesto Cabellos, Peru

    A beautiful and meditational look into intelligent activism to protect Peru’s natural water resources.



Category “Nature”

  • Chiemsee – A Sea in Bavaria

    Photographers Kay Ziesenhenne, Jan Haft, Max Kölbl, Fabian Fischer, Germany

    Cinematically magnificent film using multiple camera techniques to experience a lake area in Southern Germany.

Category “Man and Nature”

  • Fragile World

    Photographer Ants Tammik, Estonia

    A unique perspective about two parallel worlds presented with a hint of humour and warmth. A precise and distinctive framing both visually and thought-wise.

Special Prize of the Jury



  • Mystery Monkeys of Shangri-La

    Producer Xi Zhinong, writer Mark Fletcher, China/UK/Austria/USA

    Extremely challenging subject of rare monkeys respectfully filmed with strong dramatic narrative.


    Passion for Planet

    Director Werner Schuessler, Germany

    A film featuring film-makers who are also passionate conservationists.


Highly Commended Diplomas



  • The Sea of Life

    Director Mónica González, Spain

    Environmentally caring educational film about the diversity of the ocean.


    Nature’s Superdads

    Director Pascal Cardeilhac, France

    Humorous insight into male-led care of offspring. Delightful.


    Africa’s Trees of Life (Series)

    Director Stefania Müller, South-Africa

    Botanically-centered perspective of life in Africa.


    America’s National Parks – Yellowstone

    Director Oliver Goetzl, Germany

    Nicely paced emotional ride through America’s first national park.


    Vamizi – Cradle of Coral

    Director Mattias Klum, Sweden

    Great conservation story.


    Call of the Ice

    Director Mike Magidson, France

    Interesting personal quest to experience raw nature.


    Magic of the Wilderness, 2. Oulanka and Paanajärvi – The Healing Power of Nature

    Director Petteri Saario, Finland

    How nature and wildlife help restore humans’ wellbeing.


    Safari Tourism: Paying to Kill

    Director Olivia Mokiejewski, France

    Raising public awareness.


    The Kunság – The Secret Life of the Hungarian Puszta

    Director Szabolcs Mosonyi, Hungary

    Rarely seen insight into Hungarian wildlife.


    The Fight for the Fjords

    Director Vigdis Nielsen, Norway

    Current conservation story.


Special Prizes



  • Children and young people’s favorite film
  • The Sea of Life
  • Director Mónica González, Spain
  • Estonian Ministry of the Environment
  • Between Sea and Land
  • Director Aare Baumer, Estonia
  • Matsalu National Park
  • The Kunság - The Secret Life of the Hungarian Puszta
  • Director Szabolcs Mosonyi, Hungary
  • Lääne County
  • Fragile World
  • Director Ants Tammik, Estonia
  • Haapsalu
  • The Sea of Life
  • Director Mónica González, Spain
  • Tallinn Zoo
  • Fly Albatross! The Great Relocation Project
  • Director Shiro Kagawa, Japan
  • Estonian Fund for Nature
  • The Frogs' Journey​
  • Director Jaak Kilmi, Estonia

Photo: Soul of the Elephant

Photo: Ostrich - A Life on the Run


Photo: Revolution