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Monkey Menace

Program: Regular

DirectorJavier Douglas

Country of Origin: India

Year of Release: 2018

Duration of the Film: 52 min

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Monkey Menace is the phrase locals use to describe the escalating human-monkey conflict issue that’s at large in India. This film explores the unique urban rift that exists between Delhi’s Rhesus Macaques and citizens; with all the metaphors that this symbolises. Javier's keen observational camerawork shows the stark reality of Rhesus Macaques living in one of the most polluted and populous megacities in the world. India's first female primatologist Dr Iqbal Malik has been battling against the government for 30 years for the better welfare of monkeys. Her quest uncovers dark dealings that'll shock India and the World. 



Lihula Small Hall 20.09 - 12:00

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