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Echilibru, Bear Foot

Program: Competition B

Director: Jérôme Fatalot, Victor Jullien,

Eve Cerubini 

Country of Origin: France

Year of Release: 2018

Duration of the Film: 27 min

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Bears dance every year end in the Romanian Carpathians. During this ancestral celebration, men don bear furs and parade the streets. The wear the courage of this great predator and summon the strength to face the year ahead.
In a country that hosts the largest bear population in Europe, men and bears have been close neighbors for centuries. Nowadays, the borders between their territories are thinning. To the point they sometimes intertwine...
Echilibru offers an insight into a world without borders, at the dawn of a new equilibrium.


Lihula Theater Hall 18.09 - 13:00

Museum of New Art in Pärnu

21.09 - 16:30

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