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The Cheetah Protector

Program: Competition B, Opening Film

Director: Björn Tjärnberg, Dag Jonzon

Country of Origin: Sweden, Namibia

Year of Release: 2018

Duration of the Film: 58 min


Göran has worked as a mechanic his whole life and is now about to retire. He has kept his own garage for 25 years. His love for cats formed as a stray cat wandered into his first garage. Throughout the years hundreds of cats has stayed with Göran. Having seen a program on Animal Planet in 2007 about The Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia, he decided to go and visit the Centre. Göran found a new purpose in life, working to safeguard cheetahs coexistence with man.

When Göran turns 60 he decides to follow his heart and go chase his dream. He puts his garage up for sale and become a volunteer with The Cheetah Conservation Fund.


Lihula Theater Hall 18.09 - 19:00

Pürksi Culture House 18.09 - 18:30

Museum of New Art in Pärnu

19.09  - 17:30

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