matsalu nature film festival
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Program: Regular

DirectorFathollah Amiri

Country of Origin: Iran

Year of Release: 2019

Duration of the Film: 59 min

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This documentary film is the story of the only remaining Asiatic cheetah families in the world. Families whose fate is not awaiting them...
Asiatic Cheetah and cheetah conservationists, both have a complicated situation in Iran these days!
Asiatic Cheetah with a population of less than 50, is on the border of extinction.
The Asiatic cheetah has been extinct in all of Asia except Iran.


Fathollah Amiri's film "Ranger and Leopard" won the 1st Prize and the Best Director prize at MAFF 2018. This year Amiri is a member of the festival jury.


Lihula Mirror Hall 21.09 - 10:00

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