matsalu nature film festival
matsalu loodusfilmide festival


Program: Competition B

DirectorJoost van der Wiel

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Year of Release: 2019

Duration of the Film: 72 min

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The 60-year-old Nils has turned his back on society and has taken his refuge in a small wooden cabin in the mountains of Norway. Despite his attempt to distance himself from the world, Nils brought his cellphone and is confronted with his urge to have contact with others. This documentary describes and observes how Nils is trying to find the balance between being in touch with nature, himself and his family. This film explores the question of durable contact, and how and with whom you can manage it.


Lihula Theater Hall 18.09 - 16:00

Apollo Kino Pärnu 20.09 - 19:30

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