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Children of the sun - Butterflies

Program: Competition A, Education

Director: Jan Haft

Country of Origin: Germany

Year of Release: 2017

Duration of the Film: 51 min



Butterflies surely are the most fancied species inside the insect world. Their beautiful coloring and their graceful flight appeal to everyone. There are close to 4000 types of Butterflies – today many of them are endangered due to the loss of their habitat. What and who is responsible for this loss? “Children of the sun – Butterflies” takes you up close and personal to these sunloving beauties and explains why it is crucial for us humans to preserve and provide habitats so the survival of these delicate animals can be insured.


Lihula Theater Hall 20.09 - 10:00

Haapsalu Iloni Imedemaa 20.09 - 11:00 Haapsalu Iloni Imedemaa 21.09 - 11:00

Apollo Kino Pärnu 20.09 - 14:00

Tallinn Zoo 20.09 - 15:00

Pürksi Culture House 25.09 - 08:45, 18:30

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