matsalu nature film festival
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Program: Competition B

DirectorAmber Cherry Eames 

Country of Origin: UK

Year of Release: 2018

Duration of the Film: 60 min

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The film sets out to solve one of nature's mysterious phenomena: the Bewick swan's dramatic decline. Every year, these majestic birds make one of the world's toughest migrations, across perilous land, sea and skies. Somewhere between the harsh Siberian landscape and the south of England lies the key to their disappearance. We join extreme sportswoman Sacha Dench and award-winning wildlife cameraman Benjamin Sadd, as they follow the swans over 7,000 km, on a journey that pushes both humans and swans to the limits of their endurance. Cutting-edge tracking techonology and innovative filming techniques give privileged insight into the birds' hidden world, providing stunning aerial views and the personal stories of swans, Charlotte, Daisy-Clarke and Leho.



Lihula Theater Hall 20.09 - 18:00

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