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Rhinos in the freezer -

freeze or die

Program: Regular

DirectorAttila David Molnar

Country of Origin: Hungary

Year of Release: 2018

Duration of the Film: 52 min

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Rhinos are in a retreat. From Europe they vanished thousands of years ago. In Asia a handful of them are roaming the last fragments of the rainforest. In Africa they are are forced behind electric fences, guarded by heavily armed rangers. On the black market the price of rhino horn is skyrocketing. The result is a massive wave of poaching. Europol issued a warning that organized crime gangs started to steal rhino horns from museums and private collections. Still, there is a place where they can find a safe shelter. And that place is in the fridge... 


Lihula Mirror Hall 19.09 - 13:00 

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