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Plastic CUP - the official story of the Plastic Pirates

Program: Regular

Director: Attila David Molnar 

Country of Origin: Hunagry

Year of Release: 2018

Duration of the Film: 52 min


In 2013 a non-governmental organisation launched a funny boat race named as the PLASTIC Cup. Their volunteers called themselves Plastic Pirates and their idea was quite simple. Why not to build plastic bottle boats from the garbage itself then get onboard and collect as many plastic from the river as possible? Within 5 years the initiative grew into an international environmental campaign. By now, Plastic Pirates collected tons of garbage from the river and PLASTIC Cup became a tradition. Our documentary is telling the story of the first 5 years of this inspiring initiative: the PLASTIC CUP © 


Lihula Mirror Hall 20.09 - 14:00

Lihula Small Hall 22.09 - 12:00

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