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Leo80. The Story of His Life

Program: Regular

Director: Guram Gabuniya

Country of Origin: Russia

Year of Release: 2017

Duration of the Film: 27 min

Website: -



The main character in this captivating story is a young leopard named Leo80M, an inhabitant of the Ussuri taiga. Although arrogant and confident in his own power and dexterity, he falls into a poacher's trap. Russian border guards eventually find the weak and exhausted leopard, and discover its paw is heavily injured. Scientists and vets struggle to save his life. Throughout the movie, we watch the specialists prepare the leopard for its release back into wild nature and restore his hunting skills step by step. It is the beginning of a new chapter in the life of our hero.


Lihula Greenroom 20.09 - 18:30

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