matsalu nature film festival
matsalu loodusfilmide festival

Iceland, the newborn island

Program: Competition A

Director: Carlos Pérez Romero 

Country of Origin: Spain

Year of Release: 2018

Duration of the Film: 53 min



The Arctic fox, the only autochthonous land mammal in Iceland, is one of the species that has been able to adapt to the hard living conditions on this island. A territory that was born from the fire in the heart of the Earth where life has sprouted in the most astonishing way. The fox will guide us through the island’s great biodiversity which includes puffins, Arctic terns, eiders, fulmars, black geese, seals, whales, guillemots or razorbills.


Lihula Theater Hall 20.09 - 11:00

Lihula Theater Hall 21.09 - 16:00

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