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Humpback Whales - A Detective Story

Program: Competition B

DirectorTom Mustill

Country of Origin: UK

Year of Release: 2019

Duration of the Film: 59 min


In September 2015, a 30-ton humpback whale breached and landed on Tom Mustill and his friend Charlotte Kinloch as they paddled a sea kayak in Monterey Bay, California. Incredibly, both survived the incident, but the near-death experience haunted documentary maker Tom and left him wondering if the whale was deliberately trying to hurt them. To find the answer, Tom returned to California in 2018 to investigate.

Tom meets those who have survived similar hair-raising encounters and the experts who know the whales best. What he discovers raises far bigger questions, not just about what happened that day but also about our relationship with whales and their future alongside us.


Lihula Theater Hall 20.09 - 20:30

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