matsalu nature film festival
matsalu loodusfilmide festival

The Sea that disappeared

Program: Regular

DirectorAri Häkkinen

Country of Origin: Finland

Year of Release: 2017

Duration of the Film: 53 min



Traces of the most recent natural disaster to affect the northern hemisphere, the Ice Age, have mostly become buried under vegetation and layers of soil. But not quite everywhere.
In the Kvarken Archipelago in the northern Baltic Sea area, the dent caused on the Earth’s crust by the ice sheet continues to rise back to its original elevation, lifting 100 hectares of new land out of the sea each year. The rocky islands that rise from under the water are invaded by birds that nest by the sea. During the short summer months, the islands pulsate with life. 


Lihula Small Hall 20.09 - 18:00

gallery/436 white - tailed eagle, photo ari häkkinen