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Inside the Fence

Program: Regular

DirectorDaniel Clarke

Country of Origin: Australia

Year of Release: 2019

Duration of the Film: 29 min




Australia's self-proclaimed maverick of the conservation movement, Dr John Wamsley, built the nation’s first predator-proof fence; a unique ecosystem known as Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary that challenged conventional thinking about zoos. The sanctuary became one of Australia’s top tourist destinations in the 1990s. Its indomitable founder - the man who became world-famous for wearing a dead cat as a hat to highlight the threat of feral animals – is adamant Warrawong’s forced closure was politically motivated. Through revealing interviews and stunning archival photography, Inside the Fence reveals the remarkable legacy of Wamsley’s inexorable mission to save Australia's most precious native species.




Lihula Small Hall 19.09 - 14:00

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