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On a River in Germany

Program: Regular

DirectorUlf Marquardt

Country of Origin: Germany

Year of Release: 2018

Duration of the Film: 44 min

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It's definitely not the Amazon or the Nile: The 220 kilometers long Lippe may not be the most spectacular river on the planet, but it's natural history is amazing: Once it was a dull, lifeless canal with polluted waters, but after rewilding it for 30 years now, nature has conquered it back and many species returned which had been ecxtinct in the densly populated part of western Germany.
With impressive imagery the documentary tells many heartwarming, funny and amazing stories of wildlife fighting for habitat in a cultivated area. 


Director Ulf Marquardt: "When I grew up on the banks of the river Lippe, it would not have come to our minds to swim in this dirty, disgusting stream of filth. It's really impressive how the river changed in two or three decades: Diving the to day clear waters of the Lippe and filming the abundant wildlife was one of the most satisfying experiences during my carreer as an underwater cameraman."


Lihula Small Hall 20.09 - 11:00

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