matsalu nature film festival
matsalu loodusfilmide festival


Program: Competition B

DirectorsTomer Almagor, Nadav Harel

Country of Origin: USA, Tanzania

Year of Release: 2018

Duration of the Film: 86 min

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Aaron, enters the dark heart of the African bush, on a surreal neocolonial expedition, emulating 1000s of years of indigenous rite of passage rituals, as he hunts the ultimate trophy - the king of beasts. King of Beasts is an observational portrait offering the facts and the many shades of the truth on the ground in Africa, in regards to wildlife and lion conservation efforts, amidst the ever declining animal populations.



Lihula Theater Hall 21.09 - 10:00

Nõva Võrgukuur 21.09 - 19:00


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