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Now Or Never


Program: Competition B

Director: Matt Senior  

Country of Origin: UK

Year of Release: 2019

Duration of the Film: 25 min

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Now Or Never brings the world’s first documentary on the rarest great ape on the planet, the Tapanuli orangutan, and their Sumatran forest home in Indonesia.
These orangutans were discovered as recently as 2017, and they have experienced a tranquil existence in this rich rainforest for thousands of years, alongside countless other fascinating species. But now, everything is changing…
The global population is growing and the natural world is suffering, including Batang Toru.
The time to act is and save this forest is Now, Or Never again will we be living in a world with a third orangutan species.


Lihula Theater Hall 21.09 - 14:00

Museum of New Art in Pärnu

21.09 - 16:30

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