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The Hidden Rainbow of West China

Program: Regular

DirectorCarolina Neves Rodrigues

Country of Origin: China

Year of Release: 2018

Duration of the Film: 26 min


The Chinese Monal is an endangered mountain pheasant found only in China, between 2,300 to 4,900 meters, and is distinguished by its colorful, dazzling plumage. Because of its small population and extreme habitat, this bird is difficult to see in the wild and is still relatively unknown to scientists. Wild China's crew has capture on camera for the first time the bird's nesting, hatching and other behaviors through the different seasons. Faced with an abundance of dangers, such as habitat loss, the Chinese Monal's future is uncertain and faces the possibility of becoming extinct before we get to know them. 


Lihula Small Hall 21.09 - 11:00

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