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Autumn - World of Colours

Program: Competition A, Education

DirectorAnnette Scheurich, Steffen Sailer

Country of Origin: Germany

Year of Release: 2018

Duration of the Film: 52 min


Life and death, partings and new beginnings – hardly any other season finds these extremes as close together as they are in autumn. Fallen leaves strew vibrant colour on the ground and there is abundant food available for the animals. But winter, with all its hardships, lurks around the corner, and a race against time begins. The film depicts the tension of this period that can rarely be so clearly observed in other seasons. From forests, meadows and fields to gardens and parks – it’s a time of dramatic challenges, changes and dangers.


Lihula Theater Hall 19.09 - 12:00

Haapsalu Iloni Imedemaa

19.09 - 11:00 and 13:00

20.09 - 11:00 and 13:00

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