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The Secret Life of Cows

- Wild at Heart

Program: Regular

DirectorHerbert Ostwald

Country of Origin: Germany

Year of Release: 2018

Duration of the Film: 52 min




Unique throughout Germany, nearly three hundred cattle live year-round on pastures in the Hohenzollernalb, the herd comprising bulls, cows and calves. More than 35 years ago their farmer decided to give them the chance to live an animal-friendly life and began the outdoor experiment. Now, these descendants of former stable cows defy heat, hail and snow, sharing their meadows with foxes, flies and flocks of birds. The character traits and behaviours of these cattle increasingly resemble those of their extinct ancestors. For a year, the camera closely follows this wild herd, documenting its joys and dramas.



Lihula Small Hall 18.09 - 15:00

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