matsalu nature film festival
matsalu loodusfilmide festival

wild Balaton

Program: Regular

DirectorSzabolcs Mosonyi

Country of Origin: Hunagry

Year of Release: 2018

Duration of the Film: 50 min

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Balaton is a shallow, the largest lake in Central Europe. Although during the summer the coast is crowded by holiday homes, the lake and its surroundings offer almost unbelievable natural treasures. The volcanoes, the lake caves, the travertine dams, the sand dunes are parts of the European Geoparks Network, and the huge wetland habitats are unique in the whole of Europe.Ground squirrel and wildcat, peregrine falcon and raven, nesting herons and egrets in huge numbers, edible dormouse taking off for night-time adventures and dancing of asps.The unusual marriage of geology, wildlife, and men created this dazzling landscape. 


Lihula Small Hall 18.09 - 17:00

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