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A Tiny Universe at Our Feet

Program: Regular

Director: Masumi Mizunuma  

Country of Origin: Japan

Year of Release: 2017

Duration of the Film: 49 min


Nobue Kai is an 86-year-old picture-book author. She’s so captivated by the beauty of weeds that she has been painting flowering plants for more than 60 years. She parts the weeds, lies down on the ground, gets the plants at eye level, and converses with them. When the seeds of sow thistles are carried away on the wind, Nobue describes them as dancing. She says she’ll always pursue weeds because they’ll always beckon to her. Nobue’s unique perspective enables her to make lots of exciting discoveries about the lives of plants. This documentary shows her at work in the countryside in the Sagano district of Kyoto and reveals the wonders of plants through her eyes. 



Lihula Small Hall 21.09 - 12:00

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