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Rooted: The Giant

Program: Regular

Director: Barend van der Watt

Country of Origin: South Africa

Year of Release: 2017

Duration of the Film: 49 min

Website: -


In the Afromontane forests of the Soutpansberg grows a giant Outeniqua Yellowwood. This is the story of how this colossal tree hosts, feeds and shelters an array of plants and animals in the bows of her branches.
Yellowwoods belongs to an ancient family of trees that does not produce flowers, but instead reproduces by means of male and female cones. These dissimilar cones are found on separate trees.Mammals, such as rock hyraxes and Samango monkeys also scale the tree to consume the fruit, while woodland dormice and crested guineafowl scavenge for the fruit on the ground.


Lihula Greenroom 21.09 - 13:00

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