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Catching Giants

Program: Regular

DirectorAshley Scott Davison

Country of Origin: USA

Year of Release: 2019

Duration of the Film: 50 min

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CATCHING GIANTS is a heart stopping character-driven film following the world’s preeminent giraffe researcher, Dr Francois Deacon, as he embarks on the most ambitious giraffe research project to date: the attempted GPS collaring of 20 giraffes, including 10 males, which have never before been collared and that science knows so little about. Giraffe bulls are notorious for being the most dangerous animals to capture - for man & beast - in the entire animal kingdom. Joining Francois on this expedition are his family and scientists from all across the globe, each with unique backgrounds. To preserve this species, the team hopes to be the first to successfully collect semen from a wild giraffe.



Lihula Mirror Hall 19.09 - 12:00

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