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Elsewhere. Alone in Africa

Program: Regular

DirectorAnselm Nathanael Pahnke

Country of OriginGermany

Year of Release: 2018

Duration of the Film: 99 min

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414 days, 15.000 km, 15 countries.
The documentary tells the breath-taking story of Anselm Pahnke, who - suddenly separated from his traveling companions, makes the terrifying decision to continue his journey without them, and travel across the entire continent of Africa alone. On a bike. With a camera as his only company. A fascinating journey unfolds as we follow his encounters with the remarkable people and wild nature of this magnificent landscape. The resulting film is an inner journey through the wonders and vibrance of a life which awaits those brave enough to follow their instinct to trust in themselves and others. 



Lihula Small Hall 21.09 - 16:00

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