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JURY 2018


CATEGORY: nature (A)

CATEGORY: man and nature (B)






Kristo is Estonian TV and radio journalist. He is from Rapla county where forests and bogs formed him as a nature loving young man. Already for 7 years he has lead a nature TV show Osoon that comes to air every week. Thanks to work he has been in most amazing Estonian natural sites and met most inspiring nature speakers. He has also travelled to Ethiopia and Spitsbergen and many places between to bring facinating nature stories to home.








Madli has been directing several documentaries and short films. Her film about biology PhD students who fight against consumerism was screened during Matsalu festival in 2005. Madli has been filming in 20 different countries from Cuba to China and from Liberia to The Faroe Islands. She is occupied at Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School as a lecturer of film editing and as a freelance editor on different film projects.








Nacho is a wildlife filmmaker and director, a committed naturalist, fascinated by ethnography and passionate falconer. His love for birds of prey is what bound him to nature when he was only 14 years old. Over the last 20 years he has wrote and directed 4 documentaries that have been broadcasted in different tv channels across the world. He has also acted as cameraman in numerous wildlife series and documentaries around the world (Kenya, Chile, Costa Rica, California…), working with all kind of digital media, hot air systems with Cineflex, drones, and timelapse techniques. His passion is to create films that tell stories of the natural world with high aesthetic value and conservationist message. His film, “Sons of Enkai” was screened in competition at MAFF 2017.




REMEK MEEL - Estonia


Rememade his first nature photos during the university years. His favorite photo models have been beavers. Filming nature started during his years in Estonian National Television where he compiled nature TV shows for ten years. He compiled also several educational videos and it lead him to classical nature documentaries. Remek loves filming water and and wetlands. Recent years have seen him also documenting mankinds' relationship with nature. Remek has received best Photography prize for his "Estonian Nature: Alam-Pedja“ at MAFF 2013 and best Director prize for “Life on the Mother River“ at MAFF 2015.










Anneli is a biologist whos everyday work is interpreting nature in Tartu Nature School. Anneli has lead there 11 years of nature evenings to show best selection of Matsalu Nature Film Festival. Anneli likes to works with people and sais that most interesting and beatiful things appear in transistions between different people and traditions. Like in ecology the edge effect brings up most diverse communities.








HILCO JANSMA - The Netherlands


Hilco is a biologist and started his career as wildlife filmmaker in 2014. His first major production is the urban nature documentary "The Noorderplantsoen", being in charge of the camera, script, editing, sound & music design and the production process. The film was locally screened in cinemas and selected for Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam, NaturVision, Menigoute festival, Green Screen and Matsalu Nature Film Festival. At the latter two his documentary was awarded a ‘Special Price of the Jury’. Beside some previous short film projects in South Africa and Arctic Norway, Hilco is working fulltime on a new wildlife production in The Netherlands.