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Below is the list of awards from the 12th Matsalu Nature Film Festival. Congratulations to all the winners, as well as to everyone with a film in our Festival!

Grand Prix – “Wild Australia 1 – Desert of the Red Kangaroo”, Germany, directors Thoralf Grospitz, Jens Westphalen

1st Prize (Nature) – “The Moor”, Germany, director Jan Haft

1st Prize (Man and Nature) – “Chasing Ice”, USA, director Jeff Orlowski

Best Director (Nature) – “Sophisticated Farmers: Leafcutter Ants”, Japan, director Ichiro Yamamoto

Best Director (Man and Nature) – “Unnatural Selection”, Austria, directors Steve Nicholls, Sarah Whalley

Best Photography (Nature) – “Namibia’s Desert Kingdom”, Austria, photographer Martyn Colbek

Best Photography (Man and Nature) – “Enclosed by Water 1: Pellinki and Haapasaari Islands”, Finland, photographer Petteri Saario

Special Prize of the Jury
1. “The Desert Islands”, Portugal, director Madalena Boto (Nature)
2. “Carousel of Life – The Traditional Orchard”, Germany, directors Annette Scheurich, Klaus Scheurich (Nature)
3. “Spirit Creatures – Niassa’s Invisible Realm”, South Africa, director Keith Begg (Man and Nature)

Highly Commended Diplomas
1. “Great Spotted Eagle – A Bird Like No Other“, Poland, Ireneusz Chojnacki
2. “Future Behind You“, Netherlands, Frank Dorren
3. “Siblings are Forever“, Norway, Frode Fimland
4. “Snows of the Nile“, USA, Nate Dappen, Neil Losin
5. “Hamilton’s Adventures – A Different View on Manatees“, Germany, Ulf Marquardt
6. “Killer Whales – Fins of Change“, Austria, Ben Wallis