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Today, September 17th, the 12th annual Matsalu International Nature Film Festival starts in Lihula. The list of the countries, where the filmmakers have discovered our film festival just keeps getting longer. We received over 400 entries from 70 countries around the world this year. The countries like Afganistan, Gabon, Namibia, Timor-Leste and Syria are represented for the first time. 29 films were selected into the MAFF 2014 competition program. The competition will be in two categories: A- Nature (14 films) and B- Man and Nature (15 films). The films will be evaluated by the jury - Oliver Goetzl (2013 grand prix, Germany), Murat Yilmaz (film festival director, Turkey), Priit Vesilind (journalist and photographer, USA), Helen Arusoo (nature magazine's editor in chief, Estonia), Alex Lotman (biologist and conservationist, Estonia) and Arvo Vilu (cameraman, Estonia).

The Competition Program will be shown in the main hall of Lihula Culture House. The Info-program, which is put together of wide choice of nature films, can be seen in the mirror hall of the culture house, but also in the KuMa (Lihula School of Music and Art). In the manor house of Lihula will be screened the Mosaic Program of animations and short films. In Haapsalu the films will be shown at the Ilon's Wonderland (Kooli str. 5).

Besides the nature films, nature photography also has an important role to play during the festival. There will be different exhibitions in Lihula Manor, in the barn of Lihula Manor and in the Lihula Library. On Saturday there will be the Photo day in Lihula Manor. The main theme for the photo day of this year’s Matsalu Nature Film Festival is the telling of a story – both in a series of images and on video. The day ends with a small aerial show presenting mini-copters produced in Estonia for the recording of high-quality photos and videos.

The festival starts already on Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. with a nature education day for children. We will show Kurt Mündl’s film “Secrets of Bumblebees” and a professor Marika Mänd, Estonian University of Life Sciences, will speak about bumblebees. The opening ceremony of the festival will take place at 6 p.m. in the main hall of Lihula Culture House. In addition, the video library will open again during the festival. There, all the films accepted to the festival, can be seen.

A roundtable discussion, which will focus on eagles, will be held in the KuMa on Saturday. The eagle specialists from Poland and Estonia will develop the topic.

For the first time this year, the festival films will also be shown in the Tallinn Zoo's new environmental education centre (Ehitajate tee 150) September 19-21. For more details, visit: www.tallinnzoo.ee.

The award ceremony of the festival will take place on Saturday, 20st September at 6 p.m. in the main hall of Lihula Culture House. On Sunday all the award-winning films will be shown in the main hall of the culture house.

Welcome to the 12th Matsalu International Nature Film Festival!