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Dear friend and colleague,

The Matsalu Nature Film Festival
would like to invite you to an international nature film festival being held in Estonia
September 16–20, 2015.

Please share this invitation with your colleagues!

The first international Matsalu Nature Film Festival took place in Lihula in Western Estonia in October 2003. Because of Festival’s growing popularity Haapsalu, the Capital of West Estonia, has become another festival city from 2008.
The Festival is named after the nearby Matsalu National Park, one of Europe’s biggest bird sanctuaries and a wetland environment of global significance.

This year’s films will be entered in one of two categories:
A. Nature
B. Man and nature

We start accepting submissions for the new season in April 2015.

Our festival differs from others in that we include nature photographers in our events and organize nature photography exhibitions. Both professional and amateur photographers are welcome to share their photographs and experiences, meet colleagues and learn from each other.

Welcome to the 13th Matsalu Nature Film Festival!

Yours sincerely,
Tiit Mesila
Festival director
Phone: +372 551 0910
e-mail: tiit.mesila@matsalufilm.ee