Festivalile valitud filmid


Wild Caribbean - Rhythms of Life - Hunters, Germany

We the Stones, Costa Rica

Emotional Animals, France

Scotland, in Search of the Wild, France

King of Beasts, United States

Wild Balaton, Hungary

Vortex, Iran, Islamic Republic of

Wild Austria - Created by Water (Part 2: The Flow of Time), Austria

Wild Austria - Created by Water (Part 1: White Water, Blue Water), Austria

Swans: Mystery of the Missing, United Kingdom

Sharkwater Extinction, Canada

Global Thermostat, France

Rhinos in the Freezer - Freeze or Die, Hungary

Plastic Cup - the Official Story of the Plastic Pirates, Hungary

Lost Kings of Bioko, Germany

The Fight for the Arctic, Germany

Ars Natura, Switzerland

Threats in the Northern Seas, France

Sustainable Nation, Israel

Birth of a Pride, South Africa

Humpback Whales - A Detective Story, United Kingdom

Wales - Great Britain´s Wild West, Germany

The Sea that Disappeared, Finland

Inside the Fence, Australia

67 49 32 North, Turkey

Climate Warriors, Germany

Silent Forests, United States

One in a Thousand, Germany

Magical Iceland, Germany

Mbudha, in the Chimpanzees' Footsteps, France

On a River in Germany, Germany

Elephants up Close  - Dangerous Neighbours, Germany

The Untamed Archipelago, Spain

Treasures of Grasslands, India

Now or Never, United Kingdom

Coral Woman, India

Sex, Lies and Butterflies, Austria

Amazing Pigs, Austria

Wild Korea: EP01 - Voices of Nature, Austria

Wild Korea: EP02 - Beyond Borders, Austria

Dogs in the Land of Lions, Austria

Stroop - Journey into the Rhino Horn War, South Africa

Land of Bears, Russian Federation

The Hidden Rainbow of West China, China

Realm of the Robber - Christmas Island, Germany

Reindeer, the Heart of the Sami Culture, Netherlands

The Book of the Sea, Russian Federation

Maiden of the Lake, Finland

The White Reindeer, Hungary

Land of Kings, United Kingdom

UseLess, Iceland

Autumn - World of Colours, Germany

The Secret Life of Cows - Wild at Heart, Germany

On the Roof, United States

Wild Germany - The Ore Mountains, Germany

Survival Instincts: Iguana vs. Basilisk, Japan

A Family’s Bond: Dingoes, Japan

Battle of the Alphas: Mandrills, Japan

A Tiny Universe at Our Feet, Japan

Life in the Wetlands: The Bird Paradise of Rural Lithuania, Japan

The Wild Andes - Extreme Survival, Germany

The Wild Andes - Life in the Clouds, Germany

The Superpowers of the Bear, France

Surviving in the Lagoon, France

Catching Giants, United States

Catwalk (Wild Amsterdam), Netherlands

Elephant Path / Njaia Njoku, United States

Green Warriors: Paraguay's Poisoned Fields, France

Breathless, Belgium

Breakpoint: A Counter History of Progress, France

A Plastic Surgery: Coca-Cola's Hidden Secrets, France

Cat People, United States

Elsewhere. Alone in Africa, Germany

Dolphin of Jeju Sea, Korea, Republic of

Epic Yellowstone: Return of the Predators, United States

Monkey Menace, United Kingdom

Ahimsa: Compassion For All Life, United Kingdom

Echilibru, Bear Foot, France

The Cheetah Protector, Sweden

The Wild Heart of Spain, Spain

Drømmeland, Netherlands



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