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83° Ski The North

Less than 800 kilometres away from the north pole you can find the Arctic Cordillera. It is the most northern mountain range of the world, located on Ellesmere Island. Getting there and skiing the most northern slopes in the world is Hauni’s and Matthias’ next major goal. Simply getting there is an adventure. The north of Ellesmere Island isn’t only one of the most remote places on earth but also one of the most cold. The island is home to polar bears and arctic wolves. On their journey up north the two adventurers also meet up with the Inuit who actively support their plans. Furthermore they have to accept that they won’t be taking on the role of the alpha leader on this trip...


Wed 16.0918:00Small hall (Lihula)
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Title in Estonian83° suuskadel põhja
Original title83° Ski The North
Year of Production2019
Running Time (min)55’
Country of ProductionAustria
Language of SubtitlesEnglish
DirectorMatthias Mayr
CinematographyJohannes Aitzetmüller
EditingMatthias Mayr/Rene Knoll
ProducerMatthias Mayr/Matthias Haunholder
Producing CompanyM-LINE
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