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Lamalera, situated in Eastern Indonesia, is notoriously known for its traditional whale-hunting. This ancient hunting technique, passed down from generation to generation, is the main livelihood of the village. However, times are slowly changing as the youth are leaving the village for work and studies, while there is pressure from the outside world to stop their whaling. The perspectives of four locals are followed; Kris, a 15 year old girl attending the local highschool, her father, Karolous, a seasoned harpooner, Ignacious, a respected ship builder, and Sister Maria, a Catholic nun. They each give their opinions and insight into the mentioned conflicts, and welcome us into their world as we explore their daily lives. The audience will gain an intimate firsthand account of one of the last indigenous whaling-cultures in the world.


Thu 17.0919:00Small hall (Lihula)
Fri 25.0918:30Pärnu Uue Kunsti Muuseum
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Title in EstonianLamalera
Original titleLamalera
Year of Production2019
Running Time (min)54’
Country of ProductionDenmark
Language of SubtitlesEnglish
DirectorKarsten Tadie
CinematographyMatias Revez
EditingKarsten Tadie, Wiebe van de Vliet, Matias Revez
ComposerRaphael Martii
ProducerKarsten Tadie
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