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Wild Shetland: Scotland’s Viking Frontier

The film takes us on an epic journey to Scotland’s northernmost archipelago: Shetland. Tracing the course of a breeding season from the depths of winter to high summer an unforgettable cast of animals battle for survival in these ‘Islands Above All Others’. An orca pod hunts seals along the rocky coasts while a mother otter struggles to protect her twin cubs from marauding male otters and spring storms. Comical puffins, spectacular diving gannets and mysterious storm petrels nesting in an ancient Pictish tower. This is the story of survival in Scotland’s Viking Frontier.


Wed 16.0915:00Small hall (Lihula)
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Title in EstonianShetlandi loodus - Šotimaa viikingipiir
Original titleWild Shetland: Scotland’s Viking Frontier
Year of Production2018
Running Time (min)58’
Country of ProductionUnited Kingdom
Language of SubtitlesEnglish
DirectorJackie Savery
CinematographyFergus Gill, Raymond Besant, Peter Barden etc.
EditingPeter Barden
ComposerFraser Purdie
ProducerJackie Savery
Producing CompanyMaramedia
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