Entry 389

To Raise and Rise

Industrialisation and profitability have transformed most of French animal farming into factory barns, overcrowded stables and cruel practices. Fortunately, Laure, Nicolas, Annabelle and other fellow farmers have chosen another way and offer a more respectful life to their livestock, from beginning to end. Their efforts are rewarded by the precious bond they forge with their animals. To Raise and Rise pays tribute to all such farmers. An essential bond for everyone.


Sat 19.0911:00Mirror hall (Lihula)
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Title in EstonianKasvatada ja kasvada
Original titleUn lien qui nous élève
Year of Production2020
Running Time (min)54’
Country of ProductionFrance
Language of SubtitlesEnglish
DirectorOliver Dickinson
CinematographyOliver Dickinson
EditingOliver Dickinson
ProducerOliver Dickinson
Producing CompanyLes Films de l'Anse
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