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Seeds of Profit

Sixty years of producing standardized fruit and vegetables and creating industrial hybrids have had a dramatic impact on their nutritional content. In the past 50 years, vegetables have lost 27% of their vitamin C and nearly half of their iron. Take the tomato. Through multiple hybridizations, scientists are constantly producing redder, smoother, firmer fruit. But in the process, it has lost a quarter of its calcium and more than half of its vitamins. The seeds that produce the fruits and vegetables we consume are now the property of a handful of multinationals who own them. These multinationals have their seeds produced predominantly in India, where workers are paid for just a handful of rupees. According to FAO, worldwide, 75% of the cultivated varieties have disappeared in the past 100 years. Loss of nutrients, privatization of life. We reveal the industrialists’ great monopoly over our fruit and veg.


Sat 19.0910:00Mirror hall (Lihula)
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Title in EstonianKasumi seemned
Original titleLes semences de la révolte
Year of Production2019
Running Time (min)52’
Country of ProductionFrance
Language of SubtitlesEnglish
DirectorLinda Bendali
CinematographyMathias Denizo
EditingQuentin Egloff
ComposerLionel Marçal
ProducerLuc Hermann and Paul Moreira
Producing CompanyPremières Lignes Télévision
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