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Acid Forest

Can you imagine a tourist attraction where people come to see a dead forest? Where they are not only observers, but also the ones being observed and heard by the black birds? There used to be an ancient pine forest, but then several cormorants landed there. Now there are thousands of the birds and they kill the pine trees by…shitting. The human observations and responses to this environment are as multi-layered and bizarre as the history of the forest itself. The film is set in the Curonian Spit, which is a very scenic peninsula in Lithuania, edged by the Baltic sea from one side, and the lagoon from the other. It is a UNESCO heritage site, rich in natural resources and high-end beach resorts.


Sat 19.0917:00Mirror hall (Lihula)
Fri 25.0917:00Pärnu Uue Kunsti Muuseum
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Title in EstonianHappemets
Original titleRūgštus miškas
Year of Production2018
Running Time (min)63’
Country of ProductionLithuania
Language of SubtitlesEnglish
DirectorRugilė Barzdžiukaitė
CinematographyRugilė Barzdžiukaitė
EditingRugilė Barzdžiukaitė
ProducerDovydas Korba, Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė
Producing CompanyNeon Realism / A Laukas
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