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Gan Fód

Gan Fód tells the story of a changing Ireland and of our unique relationship with the bog. As the peat harvesting industry comes to an end in Ireland what effects will it have on the communities left behind. We ask what matters more, people and jobs or sustainability and the environment?


Thu 17.0915:00Mirror hall (Lihula)
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Title in EstonianGan Fód
Original titleGan Fód
Year of Production2020
Running Time (min)52’
Country of ProductionIreland
Language of SubtitlesEnglish
DirectorDermot O'Hanlon
CinematographyJoe Edwards, Michael OʹDonovan, Garr Cleary
EditingBernard Clarke
ProducerAnn Ní Chiobháin
Producing CompanyMidas Productions
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