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Menorca Biosphere Reserve

Nature and man are writing a new chapter in the history of the natural balance of Menorca, an island that was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO over 25 years ago. In all four seasons we travelled through its diverse landscapes and explored its flora and fauna, some of which is unique in the world. Come with us to discover the remarkable wildlife on an island in the heart of the Mediterranean!


Sat 19.0918:00Small hall (Lihula)
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Title in EstonianMenorca biosfääri kaitseala
Original titleMenorca, Reserva de Biosfera
Year of Production2019
Running Time (min)52’
Country of ProductionSpain
Language of SubtitlesEnglish
DirectorJordi Escandell & Toni Escandell
CinematographySergi Escandell Seguí, Toni Escandell Salom, Jordi Escandell Seguí
EditingMariona Soler & Jaume Alcina
ComposerEttore della Campa & Universal Production Music
ProducerMarina Seguí
Producing CompanyPaleârtica Films
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