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Generation Greta

Their names are Ridhima, Helena, Sixtine, Jamie, Marinel, Lilly, Melati, Elizabeth and Nicole. From Kenya to Ecuador, from France to the Philippines, they have taken up an ambitious crusade against climate change, and against the political and corporate world's climate apathy. From strikes to courts, from petitions to international conferences, they are doing everything in their power to stop the planet's devastation and build new forms of social and political life. Who are these young women fighting for their future? How did they become climate activists? Which hopes do they carry? Generation Greta interweaves the portraits of 9 young women from all around the world, aged 12 to 23, united in spite of cultural differences by one common cause: trying to finally achieve climate and social justice.


Thu 17.0910:00Theatre hall (Lihula)
Thu 17.0912:00Theatre hall (Lihula)
Tue 22.0913:00Thule Kino (Kuressaare)
Thu 24.0911:00Thule Kino (Kuressaare)
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Title in EstonianGreta põlvkond
Original titleGénération Greta
Year of Production2020
Running Time (min)53’
Country of ProductionFrance
Language of SubtitlesEstonian
DirectorSimon Kessler & Johan Boulanger
CinematographySimon Kessler & Lana Deluigi
EditingJohan Boulanger
ComposerMaxime Hervé & Audionetwork
ProducerThierry Caillibot
Producing CompanyGalaxie Presse
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