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Land of the Far North - Polar Night

The film transports the viewer to the magical world of polar night in northern Scandinavia. In winter, the sun disappears for a long time north of the Arctic Circle, and darkness and cold dominate the landscape. But nature copes with the conditions astonishingly well. The plants and animals that survive here do so with a wide range of abilities that allow them to adapt to the extreme conditions. And when the northern lights dance across the dark skies, the polar night unfolds its unique enchantment.


Fri 18.0911:00Theatre hall (Lihula)
Mon 21.0913:00Vändra kultuurimaja
Thu 24.0917:00Tallinn Zoo
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Title in EstonianPolaaröö - Põhja-Skandinaavia loodus talvel
Original titlePolarnacht – Skandinaviens Wildnis im Winter
Year of Production2020
Running Time (min)52’
Country of ProductionGermany
Language of SubtitlesEstonian
DirectorSteffen and Alexandra Sailer
CinematographySteffen Sailer, Alexandra Sailer, Klaus Scheurich, Atte Henriksson, Boas Schwarz
EditingArmin Riegel
ProducerAnnette Scheurich
Producing CompanyMarco Polo Film AG
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