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Frozen Islands

Sub-Antarctica, where the mightiest current on Earth flows uninterrupted around our planet and the winds blow incessantly eastward. This vast and icy ocean is peppered by a scattering of tiny islands, inhospitable to man but crucial to the survival of millions of marine animals that are superbly adapted to life in the Southern Ocean and use these islands to breed: Seals, Penguins, Albatross and Southern Right Whales. Life on these islands is not easy and sometimes it is deadly. The world’s greatest hunters, Killer Whales, hunt in the shallows of the islands.


Thu 17.0916:00Theatre hall (Lihula)
Thu 24.0919:00Tallinn Zoo
Sat 26.0915:00Tartu loodusmaja
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Title in EstonianKülmunud saared
Original titleFrozen Islands
Year of Production2020
Running Time (min)44’
Country of ProductionSouth Africa
Language of SubtitlesEstonian
DirectorStefania Muller
CinematographyNot applicable
EditingQuinn Lubbe/Lubs Mayaba
ComposerQuinn Lubbe
ProducerStefania Muller/Edwina Thring/Michael Tear/Bettina Dalton
Producing CompanyObsessively Creative
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